Marblehead Youth Badminton

Badminton is fun and improves agility, boosts flexibility and sprint speed, improves hand-eye coordination, strengthens muscles, boost cardiovascular fitness, and increase balance and coordination.

Welcome back to indoor courts to play badminton! We are currently running an MYB Spring 2021 session for 8 weeks. Please navigate to our class registration page to check out class menu and detailed information. Drop in classes are available as well. Sign up today ! Happy smashing ! 

Latest News

Nicole Frevold, MYB Player at BU

MYB Player, Nicole Frevold plays for BU Badminton Club. After a hard fought victory of 5-4 against NYU in the final, the BU Badminton...

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Clayton Cayen a Winner!

Marblehead Youth Badminton player Clayton Cayen celebrates a big win! Finishing his junior career with a win! "I have come full circle with me...

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